Miami Style, the new 80’s trend!

Over the year I have noticed a trend that is on the rise; if not in full swing. It ‘s that the 80’s are back!  Get your leg warmer’s, Ray Bans and member’s only jacket and let’s get physical people. Recently, I was working on design concept board for my uncle’s 40th birthday bash with an 80’s theme. Then, I began to notice the trend of 80’s re-makes such as Dallas and Footloose. In the fashion magazine I have seen an increase in use of neon colors, accentuated shoulders’, Cuban fedora hat’s and cropped pleated trousers that screams Sixteen Candles to me.

Which has sparked a question for this week’s post, how I can bring a little bit of South Beach into my home? Nothing says more 80’s glam than South Beach Miami, Florida. I have to say that I have never been to Miami personally, but I am a huge FAN ever since I saw one of my all time favorite movies The Bird Cage  with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.  UHHH I can‘t stand it; “Come on Gloria” FYI that’s one of the quotes from the movie said by Hank Azaria’s character Agador Spartacus.

Okay enough goofing around and let me get to my point!

The Miami architecture and interior style is a topical modern 80’s funk vibe that keeps me coming back to it again and again or inspiration.

Most of the buildings are done the Art Deco Streamline Modern style that takes after the industrial machine inspired forms.  It was buttressed by the belief that times would get better and was infused with the optimistic futurism extolled at America’s Worlds Fairs of the 1930s. Stripped Classic or Depression Modern was a sub-style often used for governmental buildings, the U.S. Post Office being the best example in Miami Beach. Miami Beach architects used local imagery to create what we now call Tropical Deco. These buildings feature relief ornamentation featuring whimsical flora, fauna and ocean-liner motifs to reinforce the image of Miami Beach as a seaside resort. ( , June 28, 2012)

The most commonly used architectural styles found in the Art Deco District are:

 Art Deco

Mediterranean Revival

Miami Modern aka (MiMo)

I won’t bore you with a full history lesson however; you can check out the Miami Design Preservation League and learn more about it, or see about taking a tour the next time you are in town.

For me the 4 main design elements that gives this style its punch is color, geometric shapes and bring the outdoors in that makes Miami’s  coastal, modern, deco funk so eye-catching.

Color:  Coral, turquoise, yellow, electric blues, hot pinks, and shades of lime green with black and white backdrops.

Geometry: Cabana stripes, hexagons, circles, amebas, kidney, star bursts, and shell-like shapes.


Bring the Outdoors in

Pieces to bring home

Items selected by the designers from the Elle Decor Miami Showhouse

One more thing that is so 80’s deco funk the comeback of the Splatter Paint!