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E-Design Plans

Have an idea for what you want to do for your next home design project but, need a little help getting your idea’s together? Wish you could have an interior designer’s perspective, but have a limited budget? Are you a “do it your self-er”?   Mail Order Design plans is a service is for everyone to have access to an educated design professional via the wed and phone to help create an interior design concept complete with a scaled floor plan, a list of resources and links to purchase new items, and a complete visual guide on how to design your new space room by room.

What you will get:

  • Design concept board in PDF format complete with color and fabric samples, ample photos and visual aid to inspire your new space
  • Scaled floor plan including furniture arrangements
  • Product shopping guide containing links to online resources along with any fabric, paint and images of the key furniture pieces on a ring to take along with you as you shop.
  • Detailed explanation of your design and a step-by-step instructions on how to pull everything together. Plus you can contact me at anytime during this process with any questions.

What I will need from you:

Dimensions and photos of your space along with any inspiration images you might have. We will work together (via email, phone and Skype if available) to create a fabulous custom designed room just for you and your budget!

What it will cost:

When your purchase is received you will get an e-mail letting you know that your design plan is in the works. The overall process will take 4-6 weeks.  In the beginning phases you will get a questionnaire in order to help define your style, discuss budget, and information on how to measure the space, so we can get started.

Prices are based on the average level of complexity of the project for each room.   If you choose to do more than one room at a time you will receive a 15% discount.

Shipping and handling fees are not included

Hallway $1000
Powder Bathroom $1000
Entryway $1000
Bathroom $1300
Home Office $1600
Dining Room $2000
Bedroom $2000
Living | Family Room $2400
Kitchen $3000

Go to go to Mail Order Design Tab for more examples



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